Braxton Charles Shiplett

4/27/1982 - 1/24/2011

  This website is dedicated to the memory of Braxton Charles Shiplett of Willoughby, Ohio. Braxton was as unique as human beings come. He was a great friend, loving son and a dedicated father and husband. He was also a creative man with a thirst for knowledge and a brilliant sense of humor. He was an artist. A musician. A poet. A comic. A lover, and a fighter. He passed away at his home on January 24th, 2011.

  This web space serves to collect and archive as much of Braxton's various creations as possible. It is funded entirely by friends and family of Braxton, and run by a small collective of individuals who were deeply affected and forever changed by the flash of genuine humanity we called B. If you have knowledge of something this site is missing, please send an email to updates@

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Special Thanks to Yvonne Shiplett, Adam Schmitz, Chloe Nightingale, Kevin Thompson, Leigh Perrino, Lindsey Norder, Lisa Vitovich, Mike Vitovich, Rachel Lee, Tiffany Ford, Tommy DeTomaso and countless others for their support.