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Lester and All-man are a serious of YTMNDs Braxton made. He invented these characters and
wrote and recorded various 'cartoons' about them and their hijinks. They involve
a lot of inside internet humor and vulgarity which you might not be into.
But here they are:

See and Say

Renee Zellweger vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

Lester and All-Man's Day Off

Lester and All-Man's Night on the Town

Fyrestorm vs. Tits

Another site about Tits

Moon Man vs. All-Man

Lester and All-Man vote

Lester and All-Man in 2012

My Drunk Wife

These are a couple ones I made involving audio recorded while getting
into drunken fights with my wife. The animation is superb.

My Drunk Wife Part 1

My Drunk Wife Part 2